The O’Neill Wetsuit Range is Unbeatable… Here’s Why

Salty seadog Jack O’Neill opened his first surf shop in a San Francisco garage back in 1952, and his trademark O’Neill wetsuits followed not long after. The cold water waves of NorCal were the perfect place to develop and improve performance surfing wetsuits, and the company is still doing just that to this day. Truth is, O’Neill have damn near perfected the surfing wetsuit, mind you they’ve had 65 years to do it.

Whether you’re just starting out in the waves or you’ve been shredding your local break since you were a nipper, there’s an O’Neill wetsuit for everyone. Different levels of performance, different price points, designs for men, women and children, O’Neill has it all, and that’s why the O’Neill wetsuit range is unbeatable. Here are just a few of the different wetsuits currently available from one of the oldest surf companies in the world.


Let’s kick things off with the Epic, O’Neil’s entry-level performance surfing wetsuit that offers the best value with the best tech. Borrowing features from top-of-the-range O’Neill wetsuits, the Epic is a fine choice for surfers who need a great value wettie but don’t want to compromise on warmth or performance. It features the FluidFlex Firewall to lock your body heat inside the suit, and the engineered fit of the Lumbar Seamless Design provides awesome flexibility, particularly around the paddle zones of the arms and shoulders.




Next up we have the SuperFreak, a true original and still one of the best-selling wetsuits from the O’Neill range. The perfect everyday surfing wetsuit that balances performance and affordability just right, the SuperFreak is a super durable, high-quality wetsuit that just keeps on giving. Blind stitched seams are triple glued and critical seam junctions are taped for extra strength. The Ultraflex DS neoprene is super comfy and stretchy, plus the Krypto Knee Padz are tough while giving plenty of flexibility. All in all, the SuperFreak is built to last and does everything it can to help you get the most out of your surfing.


Psycho One F.U.Z.E. ZIP

Now to round things up it’s time to look at the Psycho One F.U.Z.E., for the surfer who simply won’t accept any substitutes! All the latest O’Neill innovations and advanced wetsuit tech are crammed into this wetsuit, including their trademark Front Upper Zipper Entry (that’s what F.U.Z.E. stands for). This includes a 360º inner barrier to eliminate flushing, a cinch cord to tighten the seal, and even drain holes to guide out any water that does manage to get in. That’s just the start, because the biggest deal about the Psycho One F.U.Z.E. has to be the TechnoButter 2 neoprene it uses, O’Neill’s most advanced and stretchy to date, both lightweight and quick drying. Then again, the minimal seam design for the best in flexibility is pretty cool too!

Now go check out our range of O’Neill wetsuits at Jack’s Surfboards and pick the one that’s right for you!

Check Out: Jeremy Cater

The San Clemente kid, Jeremy Carter, has been stepping up his game lately. Homeboy has been doing his best to get some damn good surfing on film. Lucky for us, we got some out of the water time with him, just to see what’s up, and check him out.

So, tell me a little about yourself, Jeremy.
I am 20 years old and from San Clemente, California. I ride …Lost Surfboards. The place that I surf everyday is T-street.

San Clemente is a pretty relaxed. How do you like it there?
There are many great things about San Clemente. One of the better qualities is that everyone in this town is very friendly. No matter where you go you always see someone you know. Also, there is a Lowers here.

There should be a song for how nice the Lowers can be. What have you been listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to The Game, Rihanna, ASAP, and Wiz Khalifa. Not much else.

What do ya eat before you hit up T-street?
Before I surf I always have a bar or banana. Something not too filling along with coffee.

How was your summer man, and what have you been up to?
I have been home for a couple weeks since going to Virginia. the waves were pretty small but that is kind of expected. me  and my friend Ian crane stayed together and unfortunately ended up in the same heat. I was stoked to make that heat but wanted both of us to make it. now i am hanging at home and getting ready to go to brazil for a 4 star in October then to Hawaii for another 4 star at sunset. this year has been fun being able to travel and do school at the same time.

Any videos we can check you out on? I gotta see.
My friend Jacob Vanderwork films me and my friends and is super good at editing.

What have you been into lately, out of the water?
Other than surfing I really enjoy watching HBO series and stuff like that. I just finished Game Of Thrones in less than a week. I also am trying to finish my last year of Saddleback next month.

That’s a lot of television man. I’ll let you get back to it. Thanks, man.

Thank you.

Be sure to check out Jeremy on Vimeo and Instagram @jeremycarter12.

By Jeramy Waterman

How To Fix Minor Dings and Damage on a Surfboard

3615706403_a553682f88Let’s face it, scuffs and dings are bound to happen on your surfboard. Even if you are extra cautious with your board, chances are it will eventually suffer some minor damage. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a new board only to discover a large gash or crack after just a couple days of using it. The good news is that most forms of minor damage can be easily repaired. Before you go tossing out your old board, you should first attempt to repair it. With the right tools, you can fix your board up so it’s good as new.

There are several different ways to repair minor dings in a surfboard, but one of the easiest and most effective is to use a repair kit. You can find these for sale at most surf shops for about $20-$30 bucks. In addition to a kit, though, you’ll also need to pick up some medium-grit sandpaper and a boxcutter. Before purchasing a kit, check to see what’s included, as some of them may contain sandpaper as well.

Start by cutting out the damaged area of your surfboard using a boxcutter. Depending on the shape and size of the ding, this may or may not be an easy task. Ideally, you should cut an entire circle around the damaged area to make the filling process easier. The surfboard repair kit will have a foam filler like Q-Cell to use in this area, so don’t be afraid to cut around the damaged part of your board.

After cutting around the damaged area of your surfboard, rub it down using medium-grit sandpaper. You can choose to either do this by hand or you can use a machine. For minor dings and damage, though, rubbing it with a single piece of sandpaper should suffice. Continue rubbing it down until it’s nice and smooth. This will help reduce the chance of air pockets or moisture remaining in the damaged area.

You can now begin to fill the cleaned out area on your surfboard with the kit’s filler ingredient. Follow the instructions to ensure it’s applied properly. Q-Cell is a popular surfboard filler ingredient that’s similar to foam. After applying the Q-Cell or similar filler ingredient, flatten it out with a popsicle stick so it’s even with your surfboard. Lastly, apply a layer of the included resin over the Q-Cell and wait a couple of hours for it to fully dry. Congratulations, you’ve just fixed your surfboard ding!

Get GoPro Ready

Get the most out of your GoPro with these accessory items
Some of us think GoPro is the best thing since sliced bread. When you use it properly and capture the moment, it just might be. GoPro has designed a wide range of mounts, camera chargers and accessories to improve video quality while capturing the action. Find the GoPro accessories that support your favorite way to film to get video from the best POV every time. Read on about the GoPro goodies to help you get the most out of your GoPro.

Play your GoPro videos on the big screen with GoPro cables. Available for HDTV and standard definition, these cables connect to your big screen for quality, smooth viewing. Connect your GoPro to the TV and share your videos with an audience without having to circle around a laptop screen.

GoPro Cabels

GoPro Cabels

Hero3 HDMI Cable

Hero3 Composite Cable

Helmet Mount:
Share your perspective with the GoPro helmet mount. This helmet mount offers the ultimate POV, whether you’re capturing skateboarding, mountain biking or snowboarding. Position it on your helmet like a headlamp. It also extends out to capture those action selfies.



Anti-Fog Inserts:
There’s nothing worse than thinking that you got the shot, only to look back on foggy footage. GoPro Hero3 Anti-Fog Inserts are designed for preventing fogging in cold and humid environments so you know you’ll have a clear shot. Anti-Fog Inserts come in 12-packs, each lasting about 4-5 uses. You can even throw them in the oven to dry for reuse. If you learned anything in scouts, you know you should always be prepared. Don’t risk foggy footage, keep it clear with Anti-Fog Inserts.



GoPro Anti Fog inserts

Car Charger:
Keep your GoPro juiced with this auto charger. This GoPro accessory is almost a no-brainer; charge up your GoPro on the way to the mountain or tailgating between sessions at lunch. Don’t miss filming a session because you forgot to charge the camera the night before- now you can do it on the road.




Get ideas for filming watching GoPro’s surf videos on their website, and see all these GoPro Accessories and more at Jack’s Surfboards.

Adrian Buchan Wins Billabong Pro Tahiti

buchan-winsAustralian surfer Adrian “Ace” Buchan claimed the Billabong Pro title, defeating 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater in the final at barreling Teahupo’o. It was an exciting final heat in Tahiti as solid four-to-six foot waves challenged surfers to select the waves with the most scoring potential while using their priority wisely. Goofy-footer Buchan found solid left-handed tube rides to secure the win and take out Slater who went for a right-hander in the final minutes of the heat.

“I can’t believe it,” Buchan said. “Kelly (Slater) is incredible and I thought he snatched it for me at the end. I couldn’t go right…but I probably should have. I still can’t believe it. It hasn’t sunk in. What an incredible day though. The sun came out during the last five minutes and it’s all just really special right now” said an emotional Buchan while being interviewed on the boat in the channel. The win at Teahupo’o boosts Ace to World No. 10 in the 2013 ASP WCT rankings and advances Slater to No. 1.

Buchan also defeated two-time world champion Mick Fanning in the Semifinals who currently sits in the World No. 2 spot.

“I knew I had to step it up today,” Buchan said. “Had to plow through some big names today. Every time I paddled out, I told myself that I only had to catch two waves. That was my mantra through each heat and it worked out well for me.”
Slater hit the sharp, shallow reef several times throughout the competition, once getting sucked over the falls after pulling an aerial while kicking out. Teahupo’o is known for punishing surfers with unforgiving poundings at the reef pass in Tahiti. It wasn’t too long ago that surfer Keala Kennely suffered a gnarly wipeout, bouncing off the coral reef and hitting her face. Jordy Smith has also met the reef in the past and dislocated a rib.

“Took a few poundings out there today for sure,” Slater said. “Felt like I dislocated my shoulder at one point but it feels okay now. The waves were really fun today and Ace (Adrian Buchan) just happened to get those two gems at the start of the heat. Those two were the ones and I would have preferred a win, but Ace has been in really good form all day and he’s a deserving winner.”
John John Florence was award the Andy Irons Most Committed Award for the Billabong Pro for his performance at the event. Florence nailed a perfect 10 in the Quarterfinal against Buchan and finished equal fifth.

“I’m very honored to be awarded the AI Most Committed Award,” Florence said. “He was a mentor to me and all my friends growing up. We all miss AI. We all still look up to him and what he did in the water. I obviously wanted to do better in the event, but if I couldn’t make it any further, this award is pretty much the most special one I could win. Looking forward to the next one.”

The ASP World Tour heads to Trestles for the Hurley Pro September 15-21, 2013.

1 – Adrian Buchan (AUS) 18.94
2 – Kelly Slater (USA) 17.90

SF 1: Adrian Buchan (AUS) 18.67 def. Mick Fanning (AUS) 15.80
SF 2: Kelly Slater (USA) 16.73 def. Kai Otton (AUS) 7.67

QF 1: Mick Fanning (AUS) 12.07 def. Josh Kerr (AUS) 7.06
QF 2: Adrian Buchan (AUS) 19.17 def. John John Florence (HAW) 17.33
QF 3: Kai Otton (AUS) 16.54 def. Julian Wilson (AUS) 13.90
QF 4: Kelly Slater (USA) 16.86 def. Fredrick Patacchia (HAW) 8.66

CURRENT ASP WCT TOP 5 (Following Billabong Pro Tahiti):
1. Kelly Slater (USA) 38,950 pts
2. Mick Fanning (AUS) 37,900 pts
3. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 30,700 pts
4. Jordy Smith (ZAF) 29,200 pts
5. Taj Burrow (AUS) 25,400 pts

Backpacks for Surf, Skate and School

Carrying your stuff around can be a pain in the back: lighten your load with these backpacks options for surf, skate and school. Brands like Dakine and Quiksilver design backpacks that make it easier to stash your stuff safely at the beach, skate park and around campus with high quality materials and customized compartments. If all roads lead to the beach, keep your wet stuff compartmentalized with a wet/dry backpack.  Protect your gear at the skate park with material so durable it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you need adjustable ergonomic straps to help balance your books for school, see the 1969 Special backpack mentioned below. Whether your day revolves around surf, skate or school, find top of the line backpack options to stash all your stuff.

Surf packs:

dakine-interval-33L-backpackDakine Interval 33L Wet/Dry Backpack
Keep your valuables safe and dry at the beach with the Dakine Interval 33L Wet/Dry Backpack. This pack separates your gear with a waterproof wetsuit pocket and insulated cooler pocket. Keep your dry stuff dry with a tarp wax pocket, organizer pocket, and fleece lined sunglasses pocket. Invest in a high-quality pack that is built to last with this wet/dry backpack.




rvca-ravage-waistpackRVCA Ravage Waistpack
“Fanny pack,” “bum bag,” call it what you will but this waist pack is as convenient as it comes for running down to the beach. The RVCA Ravage Waistpack holds your wax, wallet, keys, phone and other essentials without extra bulk. Made of canvas, this pack features two zipper compartments and a cotton canvas belt with metal buckle. Dane Reynolds wears waistpacks and you can too. Bring only what you need and leave your hands free wearing the Ravage Waistpack.
Skate pack:

dakine-atlas-backpackDakine Atlas Backpack
This backpack is designed with durable materials and quality construction Dakine is known for, backed by a lifetime warranty. Dual carry straps hold your skateboard while a fleece lined pocket safely stashes your shades. Zippered pockets on the sides and front hold your smaller gear and items with easy access. The Dakine Atlas Backpack is made to survive your skate sessions for the long haul.




School pack:
quiksilver-1969-special-backpackKeep your school supplies organized and comfortably on your back as you walk (or run if you over-slept) across campus. The Quiksilver 1969 Special Backpack is designed with padded ergonomic shoulder straps to comfortable rest on your shoulders and prevent poor posture and back pain. Multiple compartments help sort your stuff and with durable Q-Tex material, this pack is designed to survive the semesters ahead.


See more backpack options at Jack’s Surfboards:

Alejo Muniz, Carissa Moore Take Vans US Open Titles


Vans US Open of Surfing

After a week of competition in front of a packed beach at Huntington Beach Pier Brazilian surfer Alejo Muniz has won the Vans US Open of Surfing, taking home a huge purse prize of $100,000 and a healthy amount of ASP Tour points as the Men’s 2013 World Championship Tour hits the halfway mark. Muniz beat local Orange County surfer Kolohe Andino in the finals in peaky one-to-three foot waves with progressive surfing and key wave selection.

Muniz’s two-wave-total included a combined 8.43, attacking the wave with frontside turns, and a 7.80 on his backside speeding towards the pier. Andino scored a 7.77 but couldn’t find another strong score to match Muniz. The Brazilian natural footer also defeated Australian Mitch Crews, an awesome feat as Crews’ progressive surfing set the bar in each of his heats, pushing the score set higher and challenging his match-ups to go bigger with more power. But ultimately it was Muniz who would claim The Open title in front of the massive crowd in Huntington Beach.

“I’m so happy, I can’t believe it,” Muniz said. “Today marks the four-year anniversary of my grandfather’s passing and I’d like to dedicate this win to him. This is the biggest win of my career and it’s the biggest crowd I’ve ever surfed in front of. I was putting everything in to this event and the work paid off. I think I surfed smart all week and it’s been amazing.” The win in Huntington moves Muniz up in the world rankings from No. 24 to No. 15.

“Congratulations to Alejo,” said runner-up Andino, who took down Bede Durbidge in the semifinals. “He surfed amazing all week. It would have been nice to win, but I just couldn’t find a second wave and I’m happy that I made the final.”11-times ASP World Champion Kelly Slater fell early in the contest to Michael Bourez in Round 24. Neither US Open title defender, Julian Wilson or Lakey Peterson made it through to the quarterfinals this year.

Carissa Moore (HAW)

Carissa Moore (HAW)

For the women’s event it was Carissa Moore who would take The Open title and move to the world No. 1 spot, bumping Tyler Wright to No. 2. Moore defeated local surfer Courtney Conlogue in the finals with a strong two wave total of 8.17 and 7.83. Conlogue caught two waves in the last five minutes of the heat but could not find the scores to secure the win.
“To be honest I’m a little shocked right now because I thought Courtney (Conlogue) won when the crowd erupted on that last wave,” Moore said. “I was definitely nervous at the end of that heat. It’s such an honor to win this event in front of this big crowd. I feel amazing!”

Conlogue was on fire throughout her heats in front of a hometown crowd at The Open. She took out Wright in the semifinals and now sits third in world rankings with two events left on the ASP Women’s WCT Tour this year. This will be Moore’s third ASP win of the 2013 season and the first event for the Women’s WCT Tour since May, after Roxy Pro Biarritz was postponed due to lack of waves.
“It was definitely an amazing heat and Carissa (Moore), she’s been surfing really well,” Conlogue said. “With everyone screaming and the crowd on the pier I definitely wanted to win. I was trying to be progressive and surfing the best that I could.”

The world’s largest surfing competition is over, but not without a fight. The Open drew some unwanted attention as the eight-day festival ended with a riot on Main St. across from the Huntington Beach Pier as police tried to disperse the crowd. Property was damaged, including the storefront of EasyRider Bike & Skate Shop.

The Men’s World Championship Tour heads to Teahupoo for the Billabong Pro while the Women’s WCT heads back to France with hope of better waves in Biarritz.

1 – Alejo Muniz (BRA) 16.23
2 – Kolohe Andino (USA) 14.54

1 – Carissa Moore (HAW) 16.00
2 – Courtney Conlogue (USA) 15.27

By: Jenna Goldberg
Photo credit: ASP/ROWLAND

Get the Scoop: Xcel Wetsuits


Xcel Infiniti DRYLOCKHaving a solid wetsuit can make anyone’s day. Not having to worry about your suit rashing you up in all the wrong places, fitting oddly as if you were wearing a pair or granny panties, or your little sisters panties for that matter, and keeping you warm enough to survive the cold cloudy day in which the beach is empty and the waves are perfect, is a great aspect to let slip away, free of your mind. Well good news! The guys over at Xcel Wetsuits have already figured all those problems out, giving you some of the best wetsuits out there. With ongoing technological advances happening in the design of the wetsuits every year, Xcel has been constantly working since 1982 to give you a better wetsuit, keeping you in the water for as long as your little legs can handle. And with a solid 1 year, full repair warranty, you can shred hard without worrying that the breaking in of your suit will end up breaking your piggy bank.

With multiple zipper placement options, Xcel wetsuits try to make your suit as comfortable as possible. Their X-Zip, and recently released X-Zip2, make it as easy as humanly possible to get in and out of your suit, saving you that much hassle on a daily basis, and fulfilling their ultimate goal, keeping you in the water and under the sun as much as possible.

Xcel, being the fun-loving company that it is, has also recently done its part in the battle against skin cancer. Xcel recently has paired up with the University of Hawaii’s Cancer Center, along with holding several skin cancer awareness events, in order to work towards better preventative measures, as well as the ultimate goal, a cure. A portion of Xcel’s sales go to the Xcel Skin Cancer Prevention Fund, and have stacked up to over $39,000 thus far.

So if you are surfing, scuba diving, or anything else in the water, look to Xcel wetsuits to get the job done right. Stay bright and get wet.

Vans US Open of Surfing Hits HB July 20th 2013

huntington-beach-pier   Get ready for the circus! The Vans US Open of Surfing 2013 kicks off July 20th in Huntington Beach, a short walk across the street from Jack’s Surfboards on Main St. The Vans US Open of Surfing is the world’s largest surfing competition and grows bigger every year. The week-long festival combines surfing, skateboarding, BMX, and free concerts, featuring Modest Mouse, The Faint and Matt Costa.

The first US Open of Surfing competition was held in Surf City back in 1959, today The Open is an ASP World Tour prime event, celebrated alongside an epic festival on the beach. For surfers, competing in the The Open is a career milestone and taking the title is a huge win for both the men’s and women’s professional tours. Past Open champions include Tom Curren, Occy, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Rob Machado, CJ Hobgood, Linda Benson, Joyce Hoffman and Carissa Moore.

The top surfers in the world will compete south of Huntington Beach Pier, running the men’s and women’s ASP Prime main events, junior competitions and Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Tour longboarding competition. Contestants of the men’s main event include Kelly Slater, Adriano De Souza, Josh Kerr and Yadin Nicol.

Defending US Open title holder Julian Wilson currently sits ninth on the world tour. Wilson finished fifth at the Oakley Pro Bali, falling to Nat Young in the quarterfinals. Another surfer to watch is Huntington Beach local Brett Simpson, who has two Open titles but claims the pressure isn’t on to win a third.

“I really don’t see it as pressure, but more as excitement,” Simpson said. “I always have nerves going into every event and every heat but that’s what keeps me coming back every time! The cool part is knowing that I have done it before, so that gives me some nice confidence. I will try to look back and remember those feelings and bring them along for the ride into this US Open!”
The Open is the only ASP Prime rated event in Mainland America for 2013, and every California surfer competing in the event is hungry for a win at home

“For us competing in the US Open has been an honor,” Tanner Gudauskas of San Clemente said. “It was something that we [brothers Pat and Dane] would always ask our parents to take us to when we were kids just so we could get autographs and see our favorite surfers in real life. So to me it would be a huge deal to do well. The circus that surrounds the event just seems to heighten the surfing and pushes the level. I’ve always had a blast when competing in the event and had a couple really special moments competitively here!”

Both Tanner Gudauskas and Conner Coffin are US Open Pro Junior champions. This will be Coffin’s first year competing in the men’s main event as a wildcard.

Another Santa Barbara surfer hunting for The Open title is Lakey Peterson in the women’s event. Peterson won the women’s US Open title in 2012 and finished runner-up at the Open in 2011. She currently sits 6th on the Women’s World Championship Tour.
The last women’s world tour event was back in May, after the Roxy Pro Biarritz was canceled then rescheduled due to lack of swell. Tyler Wright won the last event in Brazil and is currently leading the women’s world tour in front of Carissa Moore and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Nike US Open of Surfing
The women’s surfing final is set for Sunday July 28th at 12:10 pm with the men’s surfing final directly after at 12:45 pm. The surfing awards ceremony follows the finals at 1:20 pm.

Watch hot young talent surf the pier in the juniors competition; the Junior Women’s final will be held Saturday July 27th at 2:45 pm with the Junior Men’s final directly after at 3:15 pm.

The top longboarders in the world will compete in Joel Tudor’s Duct Tape Invitational presented by Pacifico, which runs at high noon on Saturday July27th. Contestants include Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch and Harrison Roach- no leashes, just logs.
Catch some surf culture at The Strand Shorebreak hotel located on 5th Street where Joel Tudor’s documentary premiere will be held Saturday July 27th from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Other happenings include the induction ceremony for the Surfing Walk of Fame and Surfers’ Hall of Fame on located on Main St.

Overwhelmed by all of the activities to come? We’ll help you get ready with US Open of Surfing official shirts, tanks and hats. Get ‘em before you go on the Jack’s Surfboard website.

If you can’t make the event you can watch the action live at

How to: Care for your Wetsuit

wetsuit-hanging-to-dryTaking proper care of your wetsuit can extend its lifespan and save you money. Maintaining the neoprene material, rinsing your wetsuit with freshwater and hanging it to dry properly will preserve its fit and quality. It’s also important to break any bad habits of storing your wetsuit in the back of your trunk, or folding it over a balcony railing in the sun. Take these tips on how to avoid damaging your wetsuit and preserve its fit and flexibility.

About Neoprene
Neoprene is a material made of cell-closed air bubbles that provides superior insulation in the water which keeps you warm and extends your surf session. In order to maintain the fit and lifespan of the suit, this wetsuit material needs to be properly cared for. Neoprene is flexible, and will stretch in some places with wear. Because the fit can change, it’s best not to lend your wetsuit to your big-shouldered friends who may stretch it out.  Be mindful that watches, keys and necklaces can catch on the neoprene and tear your suit. Neoprene does not fare well in hot water; do not wash your wetsuit using hot water or bleach. Never put your wetsuit in a washing machine.

It’s no secret that wetsuits can stink, and sometimes even wreak. Leave your suit dripping wet in your car after a surf session and you’ll come back to the unpleasant aroma of over-heated neoprene and salt. However there are ways to keep your wetsuit bacteria level and odor at a minimum. After surfing, as soon as possible, rinse your wetsuit with freshwater. If you’re lucky enough to surf a break with some sort of showering facility, give it a good rinse inside and out. At best, rinse the outside of your suit at the beach and fully rinse it when you get home using a hose, or rinse off in the shower with cool water. As you’d probably guess, peeing in your wetsuit is not recommended, but we’ll leave that one up to personal preference.

Hang to dry
The best method for hanging your suit is with a hanger specifically designed for wetsuits, which you should be able to find at your local surf shop for around $20. Hang your suit in the shade or in the shower. Always make the effort to hang your wetsuit to dry, and avoid folding it. Turning your wetsuit inside-out before hanging it can help maintain flexibility of the suit. Do not leave your wetsuit sitting in the sun; this will alter the fit and damage the neoprene. Hanging your wetsuit on a metal railing (such as on a balcony) can stain and erode the suit. Remember to avoid punctures in your wetsuit; be aware of where you hang it to dry.

Fixing holes
Nothing is worse than finding a hole in your wetsuit. Luckily you can repair minor tears with neoprene repair adhesive, found at most surf shops. This glue is designed to seal the neoprene material back together and protect against abrasion.  Make sure the area around the tear is clean and dry when you apply the neoprene adhesive.  Apply to both sides of the tear and pinch together. Allow the glue to dry (out of the sun in a cool area) before wearing it. Complete wetsuit repair kits are also available.