Iceland – The Ultimate Surfing destination Nixon Surf Challenge

Surfers in Iceland NIXON Surf Challenge 2013

NIXON SURF CHALLENGE 2013 | EVENT RECAP  Iceland lies up north very close to the Arctic Circle. The climate here is ridiculously cold. The temperature in summer can be around 4 to 5o Celsius and only if you are lucky, it can go to a high or around 10o sometimes during the late summer period […]

Check Out: Matt Pagan Jack’s Team Rider

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Your hometown boy, Matt Pagan, has been a busy little shredding bee lately. This 23-year-old dude from the home of LAX has been competing all over world lately. Starting from the age of 10, Matt is the proof that the surf dream is alive and well. We got to ask Matt some general questions about […]

Volcom Fiji Pro: Slater with the Win, John John takes MVP

Volcom Fiji Pro189

Blue skies, blue waves, and up to 10 foot, cloudbreak barrels repeatedly came in Fiji, making the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro an amazing event to take part of. In the end, it was the top dog, Kelly Slater, beating out the Aussie, Mick Fanning, and getting a perfect 10 run, to take the win. Slater […]

Don’t be a Scrub, Grab some New Threads for Summer

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Ahh, summer is finally arriving. A time to be more active. A time to relax. When your days consist of waking up in sandy bed sheets, catching some waves, cruising through the day, and ending it all with some brews by a fire. Summer has always been good to you, and has never looked better. […]

The ASP Volcom Pro – Fiji

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It’s June, and the Volcom Pro in Fiji has just kicked off. The top dogs in surfing have gathered in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, in order to do what they do best. The sun is shining, the air and water are warm, and the waves are at a height between […]

Get the Gist on Rips

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So summer is here, and a lot of us are going to be hitting the beach a lot more, which is a good thing. Yet, even though there isn’t much danger on the beach, there are some things we need to worry. Not just sharks, sunburn, and people who park poorly, but something a little […]

Sizing It Up.. Choosing the Right Board from the Start.


So you want to start surfing, huh? And you don’t know what sizes, or type of board to buy, do you? Well, there are a few eye opening realities that you should learn before you go and blow your paycheck. Shorter isn’t better. I know you want to go out there and slash it like […]

Keep Your Skin Safe with Surf Sunscreen

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Winter might seem like a strange time to talk about sunscreen, but if you’ve ever gotten a wetsuit tan in January you know that the sun means business year-round—and it’s sneakier in the winter, because most of us don’t think to apply sunscreen after we pull on a wetsuit hood. We here at Jack’s have […]

John John Scores The Cover Of Surfer Mag

Check out this video “Behind The Cover”, where Jack’s Surfboards team rider John John Florence gets interviewed about his latest Surfer Mag Cover. Congrats from everyone here at Jack’s Surfboards on the big accomplishment John!