Parko Surfs Perfect Heat, Wins Oakley Pro Bali


Reigning world champion surfer Joel Parkinson wins the Oakley Pro Bali after having surfed the perfect heat, claiming two 10-point barrel rides in Round 5 vs. John John Florence. From there he defeated Michel Bourez in the finals in four-to-six foot surf at the famous right-hand wave, Keramas.
“Over the years I’ve been coming here, there have been odd moments where you get a wave like that but never the kind of frequency we had in that heat,” Parko said. “That was just magic. We were throwing away 9s and John (Florence) was nearly sticking 8-foot corked out rotations. The kid can do it all and he was never one I was going to take lightly.”

This sends the 2012 world champion from seventh to third on the ASP World Tour ratings, hot on the heels of good mate Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater. The Oakley Pro Bali marks midseason of the Dream Tour and is Parko’s first event win of the year.
“That was amazing,” Parko said. “That was the coolest experience coming up the sand. It wasn’t the greatest of the finals and I knew it wasn’t over. I figured if I got the best wave towards the end figured I’d have a chance. Michel (Bourez) ripped and was probably the most in form surfer of the event. I dropped off my four fin back to my three fin and just didn’t get a good pump in that one good barrel and was hoping it didn’t lose me the final. From then on I knew I had to go to do turns.”


The next stop on the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour will be the Billabong Pro Teahupo. Last year Fanning took down Parko in the finals to take the win at Teahupoo, watch the event August 15-26.


1 – Joel Parkinson (AUS) 13.86
2 – Michel Bourez (PYF) 12.67


Iceland – The Ultimate Surfing destination Nixon Surf Challenge


 Iceland lies up north very close to the Arctic Circle. The climate here is ridiculously cold. The temperature in summer can be around 4 to 5o Celsius and only if you are lucky, it can go to a high or around 10o sometimes during the late summer period which is generally a winter time for most countries. It is actually an island formed to due volcanic eruptions on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The southern part of Iceland is warmer than the unforgiving northern part. The glacial waters in summer can produce some monstrous waves that can be easily any surfer’s dream, but it takes a lot of courage to even think about surfing over there, as the climate poses a bigger challenge. So, obviously every surfer with his surfing mentally would love to tame this challenge and prove his point.
Recently, Iceland hosted the twelfth edition of the Nixon Surf Challenge. This competition was held in association with Monster Energy, Reef and Dragon. This competition was held from 13th May and lasted till the 19th May and posed some harsh challenges for the best of the surfers. The challenge posted in this competition is quite unique as the cold climate and freezing wetsuits can cause serious brain freeze. Some of the best surfers in the world took part of this challenge to prove their mantle. All of them headed to the northern shores of Iceland to start their week long incredible adventure just below the Arctic Circle.
The surfers explored the mystical shores and dramatic coastline of Iceland, surfing through this volcanic island for a week. At the end of the competition Vincent Duvignac of France was voted as the Best Overall for his impeccable and faultless surfing. The voting was done by the fellow surfers. The 25 year old made his mark amongst the surfing community with his relentless motivation and determined abilities to score waves in spite of freezing temperatures. Chippa Wilson of Australia wooed the crowds with amazing tricks and won the award for the Best Tricks. He just managed to clinch this title from William Aliotti. He just looked so comfortable and in his elements and took the challenge like duck to water. Jose Maria Cabrera of Canary Islands’ won the ‘I Rocked Iceland’ prize because of his undying attitude and relentless energy to always paddle back to the waters and yet finding enough energy to party at the amazing nightlife fun in Reykjavik.
The best part about surfing in Iceland is that there is enough light even at 2am to go to an un-crowded reef and enjoy the waves away from the crowds while everyone else is sleeping. One should go surfing in Iceland because of world class reef breaks, fun loving weekend drinking culture, cool independent music scene, amazing natural beauty full of mesmerizing waterfalls, magical northern lights, icy glaciers, thermal springs and the list keeps going on and it hardly gets dark in summer let you party and surf all night long.

Check Out: Matt Pagan Jack’s Team Rider


Your hometown boy, Matt Pagan, has been a busy little shredding bee lately. This 23-year-old dude from the home of LAX has been competing all over world lately. Starting from the age of 10, Matt is the proof that the surf dream is alive and well. We got to ask Matt some general questions about what’s going on in his world lately.

So Matt, what’s going on, man?

I’m currently in Chile competing in the ASP 3* Maui and Sons event at El Gringo and the waves have been pumping. Prior to that I was competing in Peru, back home in the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge, as well as Puerto Rico and Pipeline earlier in the year.

Nice! Got any major plans for the rest of summer?

My plan for the summer is to compete in the WQS events in Acapulco, El Salvador and Europe. I’ll be home for the US Open and competing in any Prime Events I can get into. 
In addition to that, Body Glove is filming for their new full-length surf film, “Live from the Moon” and I’m excited to be apart of that. My brother and myself, started a webisode site this year ( and will be working on webisodes for that as well as planning with my brother Mike on a full length surf film, he is looking to do.

Is there any good surf food that you’re digging out there in the world?

Being on the road is great for trying all sorts of new food. For example, I recently had a beverage called “Chicha,” in Peru, which is common in South/Central America and is extracted from Purple Corn. It’s amazing! It’s also tough to eat healthy all the time traveling, so it is nice to eat home cooked meals when I’m home. I also have some go to restaurants back home such as Marine St. Cafe and G’s Juice for breaky and lunch and Java Man for Coffee.

What boards have you been shredding lately?

I’ve been working closely with Robert Weiner, Roberts Surfboards for the past 3-4 years and I’ve been stoked ever since. He’s an amazing individual and his personality transcends through his work. I have a model out called the “MP-3” and we’ve been working on some other great designs as well!

Any homies you wanna give some love to?

Surfing has created some incredible bonds with people that I’ve met all over the world. Right now, I’m staying with my good friend Manuel Selman from Chile as well as some other friends I’ve met during this trip. Back home, I surf a lot with the team manager of Body Glove, Matt Chernega and my good buddies Dayton Silva, Dane Zaun, Matt Mohagen to name a few. I’ve also become really close with the Yeomans and Ware families; Austin and Nate have been like big brothers to me.

On top of your friends, what really motivates you? Ya know, keeps you going?

My motivator is realizing that I am living my dream. I feel very blessed for the opportunity and all the amazing people I have in my life. My drive to be the best I can be and taking advantage of the opportunity to turn my dreams into a reality is motivation for me.

That you are, my man. Thanks for the chit-chat.

Be sure to check out for Matt in his webisode series at, and in the future Body Glove film, “Live from the Moon”. You won’t be disappointed. Stay up!

By Jeramy Waterman

Volcom Fiji Pro: Slater with the Win, John John takes MVP

Volcom Fiji Pro175

2013 Volcom Fiji Pro champion Kelly Slater. Photo: Bielmann

Blue skies, blue waves, and up to 10 foot, cloudbreak barrels repeatedly came in Fiji, making the 2013 Volcom Fiji Pro an amazing event to take part of. In the end, it was the top dog, Kelly Slater, beating out the Aussie, Mick Fanning, and getting a perfect 10 run, to take the win. Slater ripped and snapped every wave, and rode out of some gnarly barrels that were closing up quickly.  The guy is 41, and is still getting perfect scores in heats. Without a doubt, Slater is the best surfer as of now, and a staple in surfing history. It was an awesome show by the American, who, I guess, wasn’t in the wrong by showing up “fashionably late”, only to take the lead in the ASP standings in the end.
The competition was getting pretty cut throat towards the end, with Slater, Mick Fanning, CJ Hobgood, and John John Florence making it to the Semi-Finals.  Each one got their turn with the pristine Fijian waves, which graciously produced amazing barrels for each of them.
Our own, John John Florence, ended up walking away with the New Era x Volcom Pro Fiji MVP Award. Even though he lost in the semis to Slater, John John surfed hard, keeping the top dog on his toes throughout the heat. Florence’s consistency through the heat is what won him the award, though. Pretty good for the young gun who has been out of the ASP World Tour up until now, wrecking his ankle on an air all the way back on the Gold Coast. A real winner in my book.
Scoring for the Volcom Fiji Pro is as follows;

1 – Kelly Slater (USA) 19.80
2 – Mick Fanning (AUS) 15.87
SF 1: Kelly Slater (USA) 18.17 def. John John Florence (HAW) 14.00
SF 2: Mick Fanning (AUS) 17.07 def. C.J. Hobgood (USA) 16.70
QF 1: John John Florence (HAW) 19.06 def. Jordy Smith (ZAF) 13.67
QF 2: Kelly Slater (USA) 20 def. Sebastian Zietz (HAW) 4.10
QF 3: C.J. Hobgood (USA) 7.77 def. Josh Kerr (AUS) 7.50
QF 4: Mick Fanning (AUS) 12.13 def. Joel Parkinson (AUS) 11.83

Next up is the Oakley Pro in Bali, Indonesia, with the top 5 standings as follows;
Kelly Slater (26950)
Mick Fanning (26200)
Jordy Smith (23450)
Taj Burrow (19700)
Adriano de Souza (19000)

It’s going to be sick.
By Jeramy Waterman

Don’t be a Scrub, Grab some New Threads for Summer

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.03.16 PM

Ahh, summer is finally arriving. A time to be more active. A time to relax. When your days consist of waking up in sandy bed sheets, catching some waves, cruising through the day, and ending it all with some brews by a fire. Summer has always been good to you, and has never looked better. That’s why you should give summer the pleasure of seeing you at your best, with some new essentials. The days are going to be longer, and the ketchup stained cargo shorts you ripped jumping that fence last summer aren’t looking too presentable, so we’re going to throw you some suggestions.

LRG Bon Voyage Short
In the heat, keeping it light is key. The cotton chambray construction of the Bon Voyage short is light, keeping you chill. The classic straight leg style can look good in any situation, and they aren’t slapped with pockets everywhere, so you’re not losing your stuff in them. With a nice moderate blue color, it’ll match all those shirts lying on your floor, faded or not.

Insight Island Hop Woven Shirt
Let’s be real, the striped tank top has been done before. Though it is an easy go-to, why not rock a shirt with some style and class, which will separate you from the rest, and make it easy to point you out at the farmer’s market.  The collar and pocket both button down, and the paisley print will bring in some compliments for sure. I’d wear in completely unbuttoned in the front, inviting in some summer lovin’.

Beats by Dre Pill Speaker
This little guy is too legit. The Beats Pill takes your tunes anywhere you need to go. It’s about the length of your hand, but can put out some serious sound. It hooks up to your iPhone, or whatever you’re using, through blu-tooth, and when someone calls you, you can just talk right into it, and be heard on the other end. This thing is pretty sweet on the beach when you’re just kicking it, or when you need some pump up music for your Top Gun style volleyball match.

Quicksilver The Ferris Sunglasses
These guys just down right look good. A nice thick frame style, so you’re not bending metal, and a shatter resistant lens. They got some sweet colors, and even sweeter lens. Use them to scope out some ladies in a stealthy, respectful manner. At about a hundred bucks, you can’t argue.

Ezekial Getaway Tee
What better way to express your love for summer than a shirt that says “Summer Lovin’” right on it? This classic style surf shirt can allow you to show how much you love old surf vans, the sun, and rad colors. With the slim fit, you can show off how much you’ve been paddling out, and the light yellow cotton will keep you cool, day or night.

By Jeramy Waterman

The ASP Volcom Pro – Fiji


It’s June, and the Volcom Pro in Fiji has just kicked off. The top dogs in surfing have gathered in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, in order to do what they do best. The sun is shining, the air and water are warm, and the waves are at a height between 4 and 6 feet. Couldn’t be better. The professionals will not only be fighting for the points within the ASP brackets, but also a solid $450,000 prize purse. Returning to the water in the Volcom Pro will be Jack’s own, John John Florence, after suffering from an ankle injury in the Gold Coast. Watch this kid, he’s sick.
So, with all the shredders warmed up and in the running, the Volcom Pro in Fiji is most definitely going to be a feat to keep your eyes on. It’s gonna get ill.

Coming into the Volcom Pro, the ASP top 5 standings are as follows:

1. Adriano de Souza (BRA)
2. Jordy Smith (ZAF)
3. Mick Fanning (AUS)
4. Kelly Slater (USA)
5. Taj Burrow (AUS)

Get the Gist on Rips

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 11.14.31 AM

So summer is here, and a lot of us are going to be hitting the beach a lot more, which is a good thing. Yet, even though there isn’t much danger on the beach, there are some things we need to worry. Not just sharks, sunburn, and people who park poorly, but something a little more dangerous, and a little less recognized; a silent striker that could send you out to sea with no warning. Yes, I am talking about Rip Currents.
A rip current, sometimes called a rip tide, is a strong channel of water that flows out to sea, usually within the surf line. Rips are caused by a simple fact of nature; if the water comes in, it must go out, and sometimes, it can take you out with it. This happens when the wind and waves push the water in towards the beach, the water would usually flow out from underneath. Yet, sometimes the waves are pushed in on an angle, or along a break wall, cove, or cliff or some sort. If two inward wave angles collide on the beach, the water is forced into a direct channel outward, and into the ocean.  You can notice these currents by looking for an inconsistency within the waves and water.
Plain and simple, stay away from Rips! They can easily pull the best swimmers out to sea, or even into some rocks or cliffs. Look out when swimming or surfing in areas that aren’t as flat or straight on the coastline, like they are at most beaches. Cliffs, caves, and coves have the most rips, and are the most dangerous.
So when getting in the water this summer, just be on your toes a little. Don’t let a rip take a buddy down, and bum out your good times. Be safe, and have fun!

Sizing It Up.. Choosing the Right Board from the Start.



So you want to start surfing, huh? And you don’t know what sizes, or type of board to buy, do you? Well, there are a few eye opening realities that you should learn before you go and blow your paycheck.

Shorter isn’t better.
I know you want to go out there and slash it like Slater, but you have to walk before you can run. Those short little rockets the pros are throwing around are not good tools to help build your skills. A shorter board, in the beginning, will be hard to balance on, and even harder to paddle out. You’re not going to do much learning if your arms get too tired to even get you out into the water. So, when choosing, try to look past the little guys, and start looking up, at boards taller than yourself.

Fish are Friends.
Ya, the fish boards look a little heftier than a shortboard, but don’t let them fool you. You can definitely shred a fish. The whole idea behind the fish is stability. The added width and thickness help to keep you afloat, and riding. Fish boards also catch waves easier, and are easier to paddle. This is because of the smaller amount of rocker on the underside of the board, which allows for more speed on smaller waves. And a great benefit to a fish is that they ride extremely well in mushy, smaller waves. This means that even when there is little swell, you can still get out there and get some. This is when the learning will take place, and that is the goal.

Slow, Wide, Turns – Longboards
Though it is definitely easier to learn than a short board, a longboard might fight you once you get popping up and riding in the bag. Longboards are made for larger waves, and larger riders, but can be ridden in smaller waves as well. You’ll need this extra weight and experience when trying to turn this classic board. One really nice perk of the longboard, though, is its paddling ease. The longboards touch more of the surface of the water, and give you more momentum, and tend to stay straighter during your paddle.  This means you’ll be catching more waves, more often, and that, my friend, is called experience. Chilling out and cruising a longboard would not be a bad first option, seeing as you’ll be falling in the water a lot anyways.

Hybrids, the Cyborg of Boards
In surfing, a hybrid can really apply to any 2 types of boards mixed into one. Yet, when hearing the term hybrid, most of the time, the source is referencing a combination of a fish board, and a shortboard. These boards give you the added stability of the fish, while keeping the maneuverability of shortboards. Another board type that you could consider is the Funboard, which is more of a longboard, fish style mixture. Because these boards have a wide range of styles, you can’t really say how they are going to ride. I would start with the basic board types before jumping on any of these.

Try it, before you buy it.
The only true way to know what type of board will be best for you is to get out into the water with one. Many board shops near the beach will offer rental boards for you to try, for around 15 dollars per hour. This will allow you to switch out and get an idea of how each style feels. Hell, from your feedback, they may even be able to refer you to the perfect board. So get out there and have fun!

Keep Your Skin Safe with Surf Sunscreen

Sun Bum Sun Screen

Sun Bum SPF30 Sunscreen Face Stick

Winter might seem like a strange time to talk about sunscreen, but if you’ve ever gotten a wetsuit tan in January you know

Zinka Colored Nosecoat Sun Block

Zinka Colored Sun Block

that the sun means business year-round—and it’s sneakier in the winter, because most of us don’t think to apply sunscreen after we pull on a wetsuit hood. We here at Jack’s have your skin covered, though, with some surf-specific sunscreens.

Standard waterproof sunscreens don’t always cut it for surfing, for a couple of reasons. First, even water-proof sunscreens tend to wear off after an hour or two in the water. Second—and even more annoying—is that applying normal liquid sunscreen leaves your hands slippery, and it’s a terrible feeling to be duckdiving the first wave of a big set and have your board slip out from under you.

That’s why a lot of surfers use stick-style sun screen, like Sun Bum SPF30 Sunscreen Face Stick. It’s high-quality sunscreen that will last an entire session, and you don’t have to get it all over your hands while you apply it. Plus, the stick limits spills and prevents messes (just make sure to keep it out of direct heat).

Zinc oxide is also another great bet for surfers. We carry Sun Bum SPF 50 Zinc Oxide along with Zinca Colored

Nosecoat Sun Block. The Zinca block works great to cover your nose, and the Sun Bum will give your whole face great protection from the sun no matter the time of year.

John John Scores The Cover Of Surfer Mag

Check out this video “Behind The Cover”, where Jack’s Surfboards team rider John John Florence gets interviewed about his latest Surfer Mag Cover. Congrats from everyone here at Jack’s Surfboards on the big accomplishment John!