Get GoPro Ready

Get the most out of your GoPro with these accessory items
Some of us think GoPro is the best thing since sliced bread. When you use it properly and capture the moment, it just might be. GoPro has designed a wide range of mounts, camera chargers and accessories to improve video quality while capturing the action. Find the GoPro accessories that support your favorite way to film to get video from the best POV every time. Read on about the GoPro goodies to help you get the most out of your GoPro.

Play your GoPro videos on the big screen with GoPro cables. Available for HDTV and standard definition, these cables connect to your big screen for quality, smooth viewing. Connect your GoPro to the TV and share your videos with an audience without having to circle around a laptop screen.

GoPro Cabels

GoPro Cabels

Hero3 HDMI Cable

Hero3 Composite Cable

Helmet Mount:
Share your perspective with the GoPro helmet mount. This helmet mount offers the ultimate POV, whether you’re capturing skateboarding, mountain biking or snowboarding. Position it on your helmet like a headlamp. It also extends out to capture those action selfies.



Anti-Fog Inserts:
There’s nothing worse than thinking that you got the shot, only to look back on foggy footage. GoPro Hero3 Anti-Fog Inserts are designed for preventing fogging in cold and humid environments so you know you’ll have a clear shot. Anti-Fog Inserts come in 12-packs, each lasting about 4-5 uses. You can even throw them in the oven to dry for reuse. If you learned anything in scouts, you know you should always be prepared. Don’t risk foggy footage, keep it clear with Anti-Fog Inserts.



GoPro Anti Fog inserts

Car Charger:
Keep your GoPro juiced with this auto charger. This GoPro accessory is almost a no-brainer; charge up your GoPro on the way to the mountain or tailgating between sessions at lunch. Don’t miss filming a session because you forgot to charge the camera the night before- now you can do it on the road.




Get ideas for filming watching GoPro’s surf videos on their website, and see all these GoPro Accessories and more at Jack’s Surfboards.

Backpacks for Surf, Skate and School

Carrying your stuff around can be a pain in the back: lighten your load with these backpacks options for surf, skate and school. Brands like Dakine and Quiksilver design backpacks that make it easier to stash your stuff safely at the beach, skate park and around campus with high quality materials and customized compartments. If all roads lead to the beach, keep your wet stuff compartmentalized with a wet/dry backpack.  Protect your gear at the skate park with material so durable it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you need adjustable ergonomic straps to help balance your books for school, see the 1969 Special backpack mentioned below. Whether your day revolves around surf, skate or school, find top of the line backpack options to stash all your stuff.

Surf packs:

dakine-interval-33L-backpackDakine Interval 33L Wet/Dry Backpack
Keep your valuables safe and dry at the beach with the Dakine Interval 33L Wet/Dry Backpack. This pack separates your gear with a waterproof wetsuit pocket and insulated cooler pocket. Keep your dry stuff dry with a tarp wax pocket, organizer pocket, and fleece lined sunglasses pocket. Invest in a high-quality pack that is built to last with this wet/dry backpack.




rvca-ravage-waistpackRVCA Ravage Waistpack
“Fanny pack,” “bum bag,” call it what you will but this waist pack is as convenient as it comes for running down to the beach. The RVCA Ravage Waistpack holds your wax, wallet, keys, phone and other essentials without extra bulk. Made of canvas, this pack features two zipper compartments and a cotton canvas belt with metal buckle. Dane Reynolds wears waistpacks and you can too. Bring only what you need and leave your hands free wearing the Ravage Waistpack.
Skate pack:

dakine-atlas-backpackDakine Atlas Backpack
This backpack is designed with durable materials and quality construction Dakine is known for, backed by a lifetime warranty. Dual carry straps hold your skateboard while a fleece lined pocket safely stashes your shades. Zippered pockets on the sides and front hold your smaller gear and items with easy access. The Dakine Atlas Backpack is made to survive your skate sessions for the long haul.




School pack:
quiksilver-1969-special-backpackKeep your school supplies organized and comfortably on your back as you walk (or run if you over-slept) across campus. The Quiksilver 1969 Special Backpack is designed with padded ergonomic shoulder straps to comfortable rest on your shoulders and prevent poor posture and back pain. Multiple compartments help sort your stuff and with durable Q-Tex material, this pack is designed to survive the semesters ahead.


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Don’t be a Scrub, Grab some New Threads for Summer

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 12.03.16 PM

Ahh, summer is finally arriving. A time to be more active. A time to relax. When your days consist of waking up in sandy bed sheets, catching some waves, cruising through the day, and ending it all with some brews by a fire. Summer has always been good to you, and has never looked better. That’s why you should give summer the pleasure of seeing you at your best, with some new essentials. The days are going to be longer, and the ketchup stained cargo shorts you ripped jumping that fence last summer aren’t looking too presentable, so we’re going to throw you some suggestions.

LRG Bon Voyage Short
In the heat, keeping it light is key. The cotton chambray construction of the Bon Voyage short is light, keeping you chill. The classic straight leg style can look good in any situation, and they aren’t slapped with pockets everywhere, so you’re not losing your stuff in them. With a nice moderate blue color, it’ll match all those shirts lying on your floor, faded or not.

Insight Island Hop Woven Shirt
Let’s be real, the striped tank top has been done before. Though it is an easy go-to, why not rock a shirt with some style and class, which will separate you from the rest, and make it easy to point you out at the farmer’s market.  The collar and pocket both button down, and the paisley print will bring in some compliments for sure. I’d wear in completely unbuttoned in the front, inviting in some summer lovin’.

Beats by Dre Pill Speaker
This little guy is too legit. The Beats Pill takes your tunes anywhere you need to go. It’s about the length of your hand, but can put out some serious sound. It hooks up to your iPhone, or whatever you’re using, through blu-tooth, and when someone calls you, you can just talk right into it, and be heard on the other end. This thing is pretty sweet on the beach when you’re just kicking it, or when you need some pump up music for your Top Gun style volleyball match.

Quicksilver The Ferris Sunglasses
These guys just down right look good. A nice thick frame style, so you’re not bending metal, and a shatter resistant lens. They got some sweet colors, and even sweeter lens. Use them to scope out some ladies in a stealthy, respectful manner. At about a hundred bucks, you can’t argue.

Ezekial Getaway Tee
What better way to express your love for summer than a shirt that says “Summer Lovin’” right on it? This classic style surf shirt can allow you to show how much you love old surf vans, the sun, and rad colors. With the slim fit, you can show off how much you’ve been paddling out, and the light yellow cotton will keep you cool, day or night.

By Jeramy Waterman

Keep Your Skin Safe with Surf Sunscreen

Sun Bum Sun Screen

Sun Bum SPF30 Sunscreen Face Stick

Winter might seem like a strange time to talk about sunscreen, but if you’ve ever gotten a wetsuit tan in January you know

Zinka Colored Nosecoat Sun Block

Zinka Colored Sun Block

that the sun means business year-round—and it’s sneakier in the winter, because most of us don’t think to apply sunscreen after we pull on a wetsuit hood. We here at Jack’s have your skin covered, though, with some surf-specific sunscreens.

Standard waterproof sunscreens don’t always cut it for surfing, for a couple of reasons. First, even water-proof sunscreens tend to wear off after an hour or two in the water. Second—and even more annoying—is that applying normal liquid sunscreen leaves your hands slippery, and it’s a terrible feeling to be duckdiving the first wave of a big set and have your board slip out from under you.

That’s why a lot of surfers use stick-style sun screen, like Sun Bum SPF30 Sunscreen Face Stick. It’s high-quality sunscreen that will last an entire session, and you don’t have to get it all over your hands while you apply it. Plus, the stick limits spills and prevents messes (just make sure to keep it out of direct heat).

Zinc oxide is also another great bet for surfers. We carry Sun Bum SPF 50 Zinc Oxide along with Zinca Colored

Nosecoat Sun Block. The Zinca block works great to cover your nose, and the Sun Bum will give your whole face great protection from the sun no matter the time of year.

The Scoop on Wetsuit Gloves

Even if you surf in Southern California, there’s a good chance that your hands get cold at the end of long sessions. It’s normal—your extremities lose heat fast, and even if the water’s in the high 60s it can still take a toll on your fingers after a while.  That’s where wetsuit gloves come in. You don’t have to surf in Alaska or Patagonia to appreciate keeping your hands warm, and gloves also give your hands a bit of protection from sharp fins and reefs.

quiksilver-glovesOne of the biggest decisions in picking gloves is how many finger slots you want—that is, whether you want mitten-style gloves, gloves where all your fingers are separate, or something in between. If you’re surfing somewhere moderately warm—somewhere you typically wear a 3/2 wetsuit—then a standard five-fingered glove like the Quicksilver Ignite will do the trick. If you typically wear a thicker wetsuit, lobster-style gloves, like the West 2 Finger Mitten, provide a nice compromise between warmth and flexibility. And for those of you dodging ice in the lineup, we carry full mittens like the Rip Curl Flash Bomb 7/5.

Thickness isn’t quite as important with gloves as it is with wetsuits, but it’s still important to consider.   In general, it’s better to err on the side of getting a thicker glove. Having that extra neoprene won’t really affect your performance when you’re paddling or standing up or grabbing rail in the barrel, and it’ll keep your hands warmer so you can keep surfing longer.

Picking the Right Wetsuit for Kids

body glove kids wetsuit

Kids Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 CZ Fullsuit

It’s the heart of winter right now, and if you’re a parent you’ll know that it’s one of the toughest times of year to keep kids active and entertained. Even if you live here in Southern California, it can still be rainy or cold for days at a time. It probably won’t surprise you that we think surfing is one of the best ways to get outside with your kids in the winter. Even when the sky’s a bit grey and drizzly and there’s a bit of wind, it’s likely that you can find some kid-friendly waves close to home.

With a good wetsuit, kids can stay in the water just as long in the winter as in the summer. 
Kids are particularly prone to colder water temperatures, so when the water temps drop or the wind starts blowing, it’s crucial that they have a quality wetsuit that fits them well.

We often recommend the Kids Body Glove Pr1me 4/3 CZ Fullsuit. This also comes in a 3/2, but the extra neoprene in the 4/3 keeps kids warm even during the heart of winter. And since most kids have flexibility and energy to spare, the added thickness won’t hinder their paddling or surfing.

We also carry XCel’s extensive line of kids’ wetsuits. If you’re looking for a budget option, the XCel SLX Offset

Kids’ Xcel Infiniti X-Zip2 5/4 Hooded Fullsuit

Kids’ Xcel Infiniti X-Zip2 5/4 Hooded Fullsuit

3/2 Fullsuit is a great value. Or if your kid is surfing some northern beach—or is just extra-sensitive to the cold—the Kids’ Xcel Infiniti X-Zip2 5/4 Hooded Fullsuit is one of the best kids hooded coldwater wetsuits you can get.

When you’re picking out a wetsuit for a child, it’s important to get a good fit. We have an extensive sizing charton our wetsuit, so if you measure your child beforehand you can make sure that the wetsuit will be a perfect fit.

Wetsuit Hoods: The Unsung Heroes of Winter Surfing

xcel surf hood

xcel surf hood

You may have heard the old bit of folk wisdom about how most of your body heat leaves through your head. It turns out that, in general, this is completely false. The amount of body heat you lose depends on the surface area you have exposed, so a larger surface area, like your leg, naturally loses more heat than your head.

But if you’re already wearing a full wetsuit, then your head probably is your biggest source of heat-loss—it’s the largest uncovered surface on your body. That’s why a good wetsuit hood is one of the unsung heroes of winter surfing in California (or year-round surfing in colder climates).

If you live in California—and not in the far-flung northern reasons—your go-to wetsuit probably doesn’t have a built-in hood. Most of the year it’s unnecessary and only gets in the way. But for a few months of the year, having a hood can make the difference between a fun session and a session where you dread every duck dive.

That’s why we carry a number of hoods that you can use with your current wetsuit. The Rip Curl Flash Bomb 3mm, for example, is a great hood to wear with your 3/2 fullsuit. It has flash lining, which means that the hood is warm and comfy, and that it dries in around fifteen minutes. Which is great, because the only thing worse than putting on a wet wetsuit is also putting on a cold hood.

If you want something super warm to go with a 4/3 or 5/4 wetsuit, we recommend the Hyperflex 5/3mm Bibbed Surf Hood. Not only is it a bit thicker for additional warmth, but it has a bib. Basically, the bib tucks under the neckline of your wetsuit and extends to your upper chest, which means that there’s no gap in your neckline to allow water into your wetsuit or into the hood.

O'Neill 2MM Sport Cap - Men's

O'Neill 2MM Sport Cap - Men's

For a hood that you can use year-round for warmth and sun protection, check out the O’Neill 2mm Sport Cap. It’s super light and unobstructive, but it’ll protect your ears and face from the sun, and it’ll give you a bit of warmth on windy days or early mornings.

Hoods are relatively inexpensive, and they’re a great addition to any non-hooded wetsuit—and you won’t have to worry about exactly how much heat you lose through your head.

Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 Wetsuit

body-glove-pr1me-32-cz-fullsuit-mensOne of the most awkward parts of surfing is the get-into-your-wetsuit dance in the parking lot. You know the one: where the zipper is jammed or you haven’t worn your wetsuit in a while or it didn’t fit right to begin with, and you’re in the parking lot doing yoga contortions to get into your wetsuit and get it zipped. It’s awkward and unpleasant, especially if you have to get one of your friends to zip you up.

You won’t have that problem with the Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 Wetsuit. It might be the easiest-to-get-into fullsuit on the market. It has what Body Glove calls an E-Z Entry Slant Zip, which is basically a zipper that goes diagonally across the chest. What’s great about this is that it gives you a bit more space to get your body into the suit without sacrificing the warmth of a snug fit once you’re in the suit—and the zipper’s right there on your chest when it’s time to zip up.

Of course, if you were going to buy a wetsuit just because it’s easy to get into you’d just wear boardshorts—a wetsuit’s whole purpose is to keep you warm while you surf. And the Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 does that as well. It has Pyrostretch insulation for added warmth from the chest down, and it has a shoulder bib cinch that lets you seal the bib up nice and tight to keep water out.

The Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 is also good and comfy once you have it on. It has a Glideskin neck, because no one likes neck chafing. And the whole thing is made of Body Glove’s Evoflex material blend, which ensures that it’s flexible and won’t hold your surfing back. So if you want a wetsuit that’ll keep you warm and comfortable, and want to be able to get into that wetsuit without the awkward get-into-your-wetsuit dance, look no further than the Body Glove Pr1me 3/2 Wetsuit.

O’Neill Mutant 5/4 Fullsuit

oneill mutant 5/4 fullsuit w-hood mens jackssurfboardscom

O'Neill mutant 5/4 Full suit w-hood Men's

If you live in Southern California or farther south, you’ve probably never put on a 5/4 wetsuit. It’s a rare occasion when you need all that neoprene down here. But cold-water surfing has seen a renaissance in the last few years, and a lot of great waves have been discovered in places where the water temp rarely gets above 60 degrees. If you want to surf those waves, you’re going to need a 5/4 with a hood, and a lot of our friends up north recommend the O’Neill Mutant 5/4 Fullsuit.

What’s great about the O’Neill Mutant 5/4 is that the hood detaches for those days when the air temp is way warmer than the water temp and your head can stay warm out of the water—a not-uncommon occurrence in, say the Pacific Northwest. When the air is cooler, the hood zips to the wetsuit and can be cinched down to cover everything but your eyes, nose, and mouth. If you throw in some O’Neill gloves and booties, every part of you will stay warm.

If you haven’t worn a 5/4 before, you might notice that the wetsuit will be a bit tight around your Adam’s apple. This is normal. If a wetsuit’s going to keep water from dumping in whenever you duck dive, it’s going to have to be tight around the neck. You get used to it, though.

Another added bonus with the O’Neill wetsuits is their durability. We’ve heard from folks who’ve used their wetsuit regularly through four or five seasons—and when you’re surfing in those colder areas, sometimes it involves hiking through muddy forests in your wetsuit and stuffing it in a backpack for long periods of time. It’s not exactly the recommended way to treat a wetsuit, but the O’Neill Mutant 5/4 handles the abuse.

We should also mention the warranty. One of the reasons we love O’Neill and love carrying their products is their great warranty service. If you encounter a problem with one of their wetsuits in the first year, just send it to them and they’ll fix it for you at no charge. O’Neill makes a quality wetsuit to begin with, and if there’s any minor issue in the first issue they’ll repair it without any hassle. So if you plan on scoring some waves in a chillier area to the north (or the far, far south), we recommend picking up an O’Neill Mutant 5/4 before you go.

Body Glove California 1nvasion Tour

The Body Glove California 1nvasion Tour heads to Jack’s Surfboards in Huntington Beach, California on July 20th 2012 at 1pm. Stop by and meet team Body Glove’s Jamie O’Brien, Alex Gray, Nate Yeomans and Cheyne Magnusson. Plus giveaways and raffles.Body Glove California 1nvasion Tour 2012