Iceland – The Ultimate Surfing destination Nixon Surf Challenge

NIXON SURF CHALLENGE 2013 | EVENT RECAP  Iceland lies up north very close to the Arctic Circle. The climate here is ridiculously cold. The temperature in summer can be around 4 to 5o Celsius and only if you are lucky, it can go to a high or around 10o sometimes during the late summer period […]

5 Reasons to Surf Through the Winter

We love to surf as much as humanly possible, but winter conditions and water temps can make a surfer think twice about stripping down to pull on that wetsuit and jump in the ocean. The sky is darker, the winds are stronger and the water temps hover in the 50’s- not exactly your ideal day […]

Only You Can Prevent Shark Attacks!

For people who don’t surf, and for a few who do, sharks are the most common topic of conversation when talking about the ocean. Unfortunately, sharks and shark attacks have been in the news a lot lately with two attacks on surfers in Northern California a couple weeks ago and two attacks on divers on […]

Surf The Winter Wonderland

The time is finally here for big north swells, offshore winds and awkwardly tan faces…it’s winter! Well, to be completely factual winter does not officially begin until December 22nd, just in time for Santa Claus to bring us new wetsuits, we wish we had two months earlier, new booties that we always try to get […]

Glacier Surfing: An Awesome Sidenote in Surfing’s History

One of the fun things about being a surf fan is watching how the sport progresses. Just when you think everything’s been done—guys are doing turns! On waves!—someone comes up with something totally new, like taking their surfing to the air. In the past few years, we’ve seen a ton of progression in surfing, some […]

Arnette Newport Beach Surf Championships presented by Jack’s Surfboards

Arnette is the proud sponsor of the 24th Annual Newport Beach Surf Surfing Championships presented by Jack’s Surfboards. This is one of the most prestigious surf event in Newport Beach, which lets the locals shine in front of their family and friends. Our Cash Pot events have been super successful this year. For this time […]