Check Out: Jeremy Cater

The San Clemente kid, Jeremy Carter, has been stepping up his game lately. Homeboy has been doing his best to get some damn good surfing on film. Lucky for us, we got some out of the water time with him, just to see what’s up, and check him out.

So, tell me a little about yourself, Jeremy.
I am 20 years old and from San Clemente, California. I ride …Lost Surfboards. The place that I surf everyday is T-street.

San Clemente is a pretty relaxed. How do you like it there?
There are many great things about San Clemente. One of the better qualities is that everyone in this town is very friendly. No matter where you go you always see someone you know. Also, there is a Lowers here.

There should be a song for how nice the Lowers can be. What have you been listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to The Game, Rihanna, ASAP, and Wiz Khalifa. Not much else.

What do ya eat before you hit up T-street?
Before I surf I always have a bar or banana. Something not too filling along with coffee.

How was your summer man, and what have you been up to?
I have been home for a couple weeks since going to Virginia. the waves were pretty small but that is kind of expected. me  and my friend Ian crane stayed together and unfortunately ended up in the same heat. I was stoked to make that heat but wanted both of us to make it. now i am hanging at home and getting ready to go to brazil for a 4 star in October then to Hawaii for another 4 star at sunset. this year has been fun being able to travel and do school at the same time.

Any videos we can check you out on? I gotta see.
My friend Jacob Vanderwork films me and my friends and is super good at editing.

What have you been into lately, out of the water?
Other than surfing I really enjoy watching HBO series and stuff like that. I just finished Game Of Thrones in less than a week. I also am trying to finish my last year of Saddleback next month.

That’s a lot of television man. I’ll let you get back to it. Thanks, man.

Thank you.

Be sure to check out Jeremy on Vimeo and Instagram @jeremycarter12.

By Jeramy Waterman