Check Out: Matt Pagan Jack’s Team Rider


Your hometown boy, Matt Pagan, has been a busy little shredding bee lately. This 23-year-old dude from the home of LAX has been competing all over world lately. Starting from the age of 10, Matt is the proof that the surf dream is alive and well. We got to ask Matt some general questions about what’s going on in his world lately.

So Matt, what’s going on, man?

I’m currently in Chile competing in the ASP 3* Maui and Sons event at El Gringo and the waves have been pumping. Prior to that I was competing in Peru, back home in the Oakley Surf Shop Challenge, as well as Puerto Rico and Pipeline earlier in the year.

Nice! Got any major plans for the rest of summer?

My plan for the summer is to compete in the WQS events in Acapulco, El Salvador and Europe. I’ll be home for the US Open and competing in any Prime Events I can get into. 
In addition to that, Body Glove is filming for their new full-length surf film, “Live from the Moon” and I’m excited to be apart of that. My brother and myself, started a webisode site this year ( and will be working on webisodes for that as well as planning with my brother Mike on a full length surf film, he is looking to do.

Is there any good surf food that you’re digging out there in the world?

Being on the road is great for trying all sorts of new food. For example, I recently had a beverage called “Chicha,” in Peru, which is common in South/Central America and is extracted from Purple Corn. It’s amazing! It’s also tough to eat healthy all the time traveling, so it is nice to eat home cooked meals when I’m home. I also have some go to restaurants back home such as Marine St. Cafe and G’s Juice for breaky and lunch and Java Man for Coffee.

What boards have you been shredding lately?

I’ve been working closely with Robert Weiner, Roberts Surfboards for the past 3-4 years and I’ve been stoked ever since. He’s an amazing individual and his personality transcends through his work. I have a model out called the “MP-3” and we’ve been working on some other great designs as well!

Any homies you wanna give some love to?

Surfing has created some incredible bonds with people that I’ve met all over the world. Right now, I’m staying with my good friend Manuel Selman from Chile as well as some other friends I’ve met during this trip. Back home, I surf a lot with the team manager of Body Glove, Matt Chernega and my good buddies Dayton Silva, Dane Zaun, Matt Mohagen to name a few. I’ve also become really close with the Yeomans and Ware families; Austin and Nate have been like big brothers to me.

On top of your friends, what really motivates you? Ya know, keeps you going?

My motivator is realizing that I am living my dream. I feel very blessed for the opportunity and all the amazing people I have in my life. My drive to be the best I can be and taking advantage of the opportunity to turn my dreams into a reality is motivation for me.

That you are, my man. Thanks for the chit-chat.

Be sure to check out for Matt in his webisode series at, and in the future Body Glove film, “Live from the Moon”. You won’t be disappointed. Stay up!

By Jeramy Waterman