Don’t be a Scrub, Grab some New Threads for Summer

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Ahh, summer is finally arriving. A time to be more active. A time to relax. When your days consist of waking up in sandy bed sheets, catching some waves, cruising through the day, and ending it all with some brews by a fire. Summer has always been good to you, and has never looked better. That’s why you should give summer the pleasure of seeing you at your best, with some new essentials. The days are going to be longer, and the ketchup stained cargo shorts you ripped jumping that fence last summer aren’t looking too presentable, so we’re going to throw you some suggestions.

LRG Bon Voyage Short
In the heat, keeping it light is key. The cotton chambray construction of the Bon Voyage short is light, keeping you chill. The classic straight leg style can look good in any situation, and they aren’t slapped with pockets everywhere, so you’re not losing your stuff in them. With a nice moderate blue color, it’ll match all those shirts lying on your floor, faded or not.

Insight Island Hop Woven Shirt
Let’s be real, the striped tank top has been done before. Though it is an easy go-to, why not rock a shirt with some style and class, which will separate you from the rest, and make it easy to point you out at the farmer’s market.  The collar and pocket both button down, and the paisley print will bring in some compliments for sure. I’d wear in completely unbuttoned in the front, inviting in some summer lovin’.

Beats by Dre Pill Speaker
This little guy is too legit. The Beats Pill takes your tunes anywhere you need to go. It’s about the length of your hand, but can put out some serious sound. It hooks up to your iPhone, or whatever you’re using, through blu-tooth, and when someone calls you, you can just talk right into it, and be heard on the other end. This thing is pretty sweet on the beach when you’re just kicking it, or when you need some pump up music for your Top Gun style volleyball match.

Quicksilver The Ferris Sunglasses
These guys just down right look good. A nice thick frame style, so you’re not bending metal, and a shatter resistant lens. They got some sweet colors, and even sweeter lens. Use them to scope out some ladies in a stealthy, respectful manner. At about a hundred bucks, you can’t argue.

Ezekial Getaway Tee
What better way to express your love for summer than a shirt that says “Summer Lovin’” right on it? This classic style surf shirt can allow you to show how much you love old surf vans, the sun, and rad colors. With the slim fit, you can show off how much you’ve been paddling out, and the light yellow cotton will keep you cool, day or night.

By Jeramy Waterman