Get the Scoop: Xcel Wetsuits


Xcel Infiniti DRYLOCKHaving a solid wetsuit can make anyone’s day. Not having to worry about your suit rashing you up in all the wrong places, fitting oddly as if you were wearing a pair or granny panties, or your little sisters panties for that matter, and keeping you warm enough to survive the cold cloudy day in which the beach is empty and the waves are perfect, is a great aspect to let slip away, free of your mind. Well good news! The guys over at Xcel Wetsuits have already figured all those problems out, giving you some of the best wetsuits out there. With ongoing technological advances happening in the design of the wetsuits every year, Xcel has been constantly working since 1982 to give you a better wetsuit, keeping you in the water for as long as your little legs can handle. And with a solid 1 year, full repair warranty, you can shred hard without worrying that the breaking in of your suit will end up breaking your piggy bank.

With multiple zipper placement options, Xcel wetsuits try to make your suit as comfortable as possible. Their X-Zip, and recently released X-Zip2, make it as easy as humanly possible to get in and out of your suit, saving you that much hassle on a daily basis, and fulfilling their ultimate goal, keeping you in the water and under the sun as much as possible.

Xcel, being the fun-loving company that it is, has also recently done its part in the battle against skin cancer. Xcel recently has paired up with the University of Hawaii’s Cancer Center, along with holding several skin cancer awareness events, in order to work towards better preventative measures, as well as the ultimate goal, a cure. A portion of Xcel’s sales go to the Xcel Skin Cancer Prevention Fund, and have stacked up to over $39,000 thus far.

So if you are surfing, scuba diving, or anything else in the water, look to Xcel wetsuits to get the job done right. Stay bright and get wet.