Iceland – The Ultimate Surfing destination Nixon Surf Challenge


 Iceland lies up north very close to the Arctic Circle. The climate here is ridiculously cold. The temperature in summer can be around 4 to 5o Celsius and only if you are lucky, it can go to a high or around 10o sometimes during the late summer period which is generally a winter time for most countries. It is actually an island formed to due volcanic eruptions on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The southern part of Iceland is warmer than the unforgiving northern part. The glacial waters in summer can produce some monstrous waves that can be easily any surfer’s dream, but it takes a lot of courage to even think about surfing over there, as the climate poses a bigger challenge. So, obviously every surfer with his surfing mentally would love to tame this challenge and prove his point.
Recently, Iceland hosted the twelfth edition of the Nixon Surf Challenge. This competition was held in association with Monster Energy, Reef and Dragon. This competition was held from 13th May and lasted till the 19th May and posed some harsh challenges for the best of the surfers. The challenge posted in this competition is quite unique as the cold climate and freezing wetsuits can cause serious brain freeze. Some of the best surfers in the world took part of this challenge to prove their mantle. All of them headed to the northern shores of Iceland to start their week long incredible adventure just below the Arctic Circle.
The surfers explored the mystical shores and dramatic coastline of Iceland, surfing through this volcanic island for a week. At the end of the competition Vincent Duvignac of France was voted as the Best Overall for his impeccable and faultless surfing. The voting was done by the fellow surfers. The 25 year old made his mark amongst the surfing community with his relentless motivation and determined abilities to score waves in spite of freezing temperatures. Chippa Wilson of Australia wooed the crowds with amazing tricks and won the award for the Best Tricks. He just managed to clinch this title from William Aliotti. He just looked so comfortable and in his elements and took the challenge like duck to water. Jose Maria Cabrera of Canary Islands’ won the ‘I Rocked Iceland’ prize because of his undying attitude and relentless energy to always paddle back to the waters and yet finding enough energy to party at the amazing nightlife fun in Reykjavik.
The best part about surfing in Iceland is that there is enough light even at 2am to go to an un-crowded reef and enjoy the waves away from the crowds while everyone else is sleeping. One should go surfing in Iceland because of world class reef breaks, fun loving weekend drinking culture, cool independent music scene, amazing natural beauty full of mesmerizing waterfalls, magical northern lights, icy glaciers, thermal springs and the list keeps going on and it hardly gets dark in summer let you party and surf all night long.